Plumber SEO: 12 Proven Ways To Generate More Plumbing Leads In 2021

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Looking to increase the number of high-quality plumbing leads your business can generate? This article will walk you through the precise 10 steps that resulted in plumbing businesses receiving high-value leads without the need for sponsored advertisements or paying firms like HomeAdvisor for poor leads. 

The Top 10 Best Way To Get Plumbing Leads
  1. Turn Your Website Into A Plumbing Lead-Generating Machine
  2. Local SEO To Rank In Google Maps
  3. Leverage Online Reviews To Generate Plumbing Leads
  4. Build High Converting Landing Pages
  5. Create Educational Plumbing Content
  6. Use the Nextdoor App To Increase Lead Generation
  7. Retarget Website Visitors With Ads
  8. Email marketing 
  9. Referral program 
  10. Train techs on customer service
  11. Identify Your Market Audience
  12. 4 Essential Plumber SEO Tips

1: Turn Your Website Into A Plumbing Lead-Generating Machine

The Hub of your custom-built marketing plan is your company website. As a result, if you want your website to produce high-quality plumbing leads for your company, it must act as your online sales representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A professionally designed website will enhance your exposure and reputation, helping your business to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the core elements of a plumbing website that converts:

  1. Optimized for Mobile:
  2. Page Speed
  3. Clear Call-To-Action
  4. Easy to Use Converting Forms
  5. High-quality images and videos
  6. Trust Badges
  7. Testimonials 
  8. SEO Optimization 
  9. SSL Certificate
  10. Tap To Call Buttons

Now, the implementation of these core elements on your website will begin to develop a remarkable online presence and visitors will be eager to contact you. 

2: Local SEO To Rank In Google Maps

Does your company mostly operate locally? If so, you should boost your online marketing strategy efforts with local SEO.

Customers seeking emergency call-in services will look for help first on search engines such as Google. The most effective way to set your plumbing company apart from the competition is to use local SEO methods to rank in Google Maps. Also, it brings continuous long-term passive traffic to your site. As a result, you’ll notice a substantial boost in the quality of your service if you’re in Google’s top three on maps.

Here are the core elements of a local SEO for plumbers:

  1. Use local city names in page titles
  2. Optimize images and videos 
  3. Content Marketing to position your plumbing company as an authority
  4. Relevant Keyword Optimization
  5. Local directory listings
  6. Schema markup
  7. NAP citations

If done properly you will finally be appearing at the top of search results more than ever before.

3: Leverage Online Reviews To Generate Plumbing Leads

Are you ignoring the best method to quickly change your brand’s online presence and generate more plumbing leads?

Nothing beats reviews when it comes to standing out among the local competition in your market. After your consumers have received your service, ask them to provide an honest review of their experience. Reviews are a great method to show off your company’s reliability and consistency.

Put forth the effort necessary to obtain and maintain positive Google reviews. Customer feedback is the greatest input you can obtain since it comes directly from the source. Potential clients may see your star rating while investigating your plumbing company, so keeping it high will allow your company to reap the maximum benefit.

Google chooses who appears at the top of the maps based on 5-star evaluations. As a result, you should do everything you can to obtain more reviews as soon as possible, and then make it a practice to ask every satisfied customer.

Use software platforms like Podium to increase your companies reviews. Podium enables your company to reach your customers wherever they are.

While Google is known to be the #1 search engine, there are other platforms like Facebook and yelp that you should target. Obtaining great reviews from various platforms increases the likelihood that more people would visit your website and ultimately contact you for your plumbing services.

4: Build High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are extremely specialized pages that are meant to deliver visitors exactly what they want with as little friction as possible. They are essential for generating plumbing leads, initiating a qualifying process, and then guiding them through your sales process and into new clients.

According to studies, plumbing companies have acquired more plumbing leads when they direct users to specialized landing sites rather than the homepage. The landing page is the most straightforward and efficient approach to increase the number of leads for your sales team.

5: Create Educational Plumbing Content

Plumbing is a specialist trade, and most people know very little about it. You’ll gain potential customers’ trust and business if you make them feel knowledgeable and powerful.

The objective of content marketing is to generate engaging, shareable material – like blogs, Instagram carousel posts, or YouTube how-to videos – that positions you as an expert and authority, keeping your services at the forefront of prospective consumers’ minds.

Become the plumbing authority in your local market and remain at the top of consumer’s minds when the time comes to get a quote or choose a provider.

6: Use the Nextdoor App To Increase Lead Generation

Nextdoor, the community portal is a fantastic resource for contractors. It’s a platform that allows individuals in the local area to locate and recommend local businesses. Igiveser plumbers another contractorsrs a platform s to reach out to the community organically or have members support their work, which is a highly successful marketing technique. The NextDoor app is the best possible lead generation tool for many home service companies right now. 

In order to sign up for the site, homeowners must go through a verification process. This ensures that everyone on the site is a genuine individual who is part of a genuine community. Because all users of Nextdoor are verified, the user base places a high value on the opinions and ideas of their neighbors.

Increase your plumbing leads by tapping into Nextdoor App users today.

7: Retarget Website Visitors With Ads

Even if your website is set up with the appropriate conversion components, the most you can hope for is 20% of visitors contacting you right away. Therefore, you should remarket your company to 80% of visitors. 

Have you ever visited a website only to see advertisements for it all over the place? That is the essence of remarketing. It appears as though your company is “following” customers across the internet by displaying advertisements on the sites and platforms they regularly visit.

Aside from “local services adverts,” there is one thing I would strongly advise doing in terms of paid advertising: retargeting. Most people will see your organization seven times before contacting you, so if they visit your site, make sure they see your adverts all over the place by using retargeting ads.

8: Email Marketing To Generate Plumbing Leads

Email marketing is effective if it is targeted, tailored to your plumbing company, and sends a message that is relevant to your clients. In fact, it is regarded as one of the most effective marketing platforms, with a return on investment of $42 for every $1 invested.

Email marketing must be done correctly to be effective within your plumbing niche. Here are a few pointers on how to use email marketing to its full potential:

  1. If this is a time-consuming process for you, create automated emails based on triggers. This guarantees that nothing is missed and allows you to focus on more vital parts of your business.
  2. It should be informative and well-written. If you’re aiming for the residential market, assist homeowners in staying on top of plumbing maintenance and preparing for impending weather. Include links to your blog or YouTube channel videos of your interesting and educational material. You can send a succession of messages, but only to those who have not opened the initial email.
  3. Don’t bombard your whole contact list with information. Send emails to certain customer groups in smaller batches, such as homeowners who haven’t heard from you in a while.
  4. Although open and click-through data can help you evaluate whether your email campaign was successful in persuading homeowners to take action, the main question you should ask is: Did your email campaign produce calls, scheduled chores, or sales? Make a habit of assigning a unique campaign code to each email campaign you send so you can track revenue once it’s completed.

9: Referral program

Acquiring referrals from existing and past happy customers is a proven method to increasing your plumbing lead generation. Set up a referral program to attract new customers by offering discounts to people who have done business with you previously. Here are three options for doing so:

  1. Follow up with email marketing
  2. Use social media to request a referral
  3. In-person inquiries, accompanied with a business card and other promotional materials

10: Train plumbing techs on customer service

Clearly explain how positive and negative ratings affect your company’s revenues and the compensation of your technicians. After all, it’s money that keeps the lights turned on and the technicians working.

Pay your techs for getting more 5-star Google reviews by giving pay-for-performance bonuses, or encourage internal competition by awarding prizes for the most 5-star ratings. You may also try to entice the next plumber lead by offering a discount, gift, or cash in exchange for a review. 

11: Identify Your Market Audience

A plumbing company must first understand how to target the proper demographic before developing any advertising strategy. That involves understanding all you can about your clients, including more than just the fact that they own a home or company with plumbing.

Knowing information about your clients, such as their age, gender, average family income, and credit score, will allow you to focus on a specific interaction to generate more plumbing leads and grow your business.

12: Crucial Plumbers SEO Tips

If you dig further into the following SEO techniques, you’ll see a substantial improvement in your Google rankings:

  1. Meta titles and descriptions for each page on your website
  2. Optimize your website page speed
  3. Invite other reputable websites to connect to you
  4. Educational Content – like a plumbing blog

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to generate more plumbing leads. Indeed, if you follow the 12 steps outlined above, you will be able to generate high-quality plumbing leads for your company. Becoming the go-to person in your local market.

If you are a premium services provider and would want our assistance in adopting digital marketing straegy to aid in your efforts, please send us a note for a free consultation.


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