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Minneapolis local SEO

Search engine optimization for home services.

We are experts in optimizing WordPress websites for higher rankings with our SEO services. We understand what it takes to generate more website traffic and generate quality leads for your home service business. 

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Twin Cities SEO

Dominate your, Local market.

Partner with local SEO experts to increase your online visibility and become a local authority. We understand the core components needed to craft an effective local SEO campaign for the home service industry.


Your target audience turns to the internet when they need home services. We are devoted to positioning your company as a local authority in your market. Connecting you with your target audience during times of need.


Our team of experts know what it takes to put your company at the top of the search engine rankings. Helping your company thrive by generating more web traffic and appointment bookings. 


We value quality, not quantity. A team focused on providing white hat SEO service for effective and lasting results. 

Become an authority

3 easy steps to increase your business’s online visibility.

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During our initial conversation we ask a lot of questions. These questions are designed to identify your business needs and how your tailored local SEO strategy can help your business reach its goals. Here are some of the questions you can expect us to ask.

1. Who is your target audience?

2. What are your business goals?

3. Why should someone choose to do business with you?

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We’ve got you covered with our white hat local SEO services. Our team is committed to increasing your brand’s digital presence and positioning your company as a local authority. We begin by performing an SEO audit on your website as well as the websites of your local competitors. In addition, we compile a list of relevant longtail keywords for faster rankings. Another effective component of SEO is blogging. Our team creates blogs that reveal your expertise and willingness to educate your target audience.

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Real results

This is when it all starts to come together. We will monitor the results of your SEO campaign and make any adjustment needed to improve the campaign. Every month, you will receive a call from our SEO expert to break down the results of your campaign. Here are some of the data points we will discuss. 

1. Website organic traffic 

2. Conversion Rates

3. Keywords & Domain Authority

Talk to a WordPress expert today

Increase your google rankings

More appointments, With local SEO.


Keyword research

We perform extensive relevant keyword research using Semrush. We focus on longtail keywords and phrases to increase your WordPress organic traffic fast. Start ranking for the keywords your customers are searching for.


On-page SEO

Technical SEO is essential to your business ranking on google. Our WordPress SEO experts will optimize your WordPress website for excellent SEO performance.


Backlink aquistion

Backlinks help improve your WordPress website rankings. As WordPress SEO experts we know how to get your website high-quality backlinks, resulting in better rankings and more organic traffic.


Free audit

At ANIMOV DIGITAL we are the WordPress SEO experts and we perform free SEO audits. Our free SEO audit includes domain authority, keywords targeted, backlinks, on-page SEO, and more.


Content writing

Don’t have time to write content, don’t worry. We will handle it. We will work with you and research your niche market to brand your company effectively.



At ANIMOV DIGITAL, we practice transparency. Each month we provide clients with a WordPress SEO performance report. We use the data in this report to make ongoing changes to your custom WordPress SEO strategy.

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Think. Act. Repeat.

Increase local, Visibility.

Ranking high in google maps within your local market is a game-changer for your business. You will begin to notice an increase in the number of high-quality leads that your WordPress website is able to generate. Local SEO requires both on-page and off-page optimization. Here are some of the items our WordPress SEO expert will ensure your company has an optimized google my business page, uses local location in page title and URL, local citations, and more. Connect with our WordPress SEO experts to learn more about how we can help your business grow with local SEO.

Think. Act. Repeat.

Become a local Authority.

Our effort as a WordPress SEO expert does not end when you begin to rank, it is an ongoing process. We will continue to improve and optimize both on-page and off-page SEO to establish your brand as an authority within your market. In addition, we will monitor the performance of your campaign and make any adjustments deemed necessary to ensure you remain within the top searches for targeted keywords.

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Internet marketing services

A Perfect Solution to Increase Your Online Visibility.


Boost your business

Bring your firm’s online presence and authority to life with online marketing.


Increase your sales

Turn your website visitors into appointments and increased revenue.


A job done right

A marketing plan that allows you to focus on what you do best.

Contractor local SEO

Make your internet presence felt with

a local SEO campaign.

We are ready to partner with your team and implement local SEO strategies to elevate your brand and reach new heights together.

Winning collaboration

Our local seo guarantee.

Navigating the world of digital can be overwhelming. As a home service provider you understand the value of quality and teamwork. We want to help your business bridge the gap between where it stands and where you want to be.


Strategic approach – Our team is devoted to thinking before acting to develop the most logical and structured local seo campaign.


Collaborative experience – we will work with you to develop the best digital experience for you.


Quality Assurance – Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We perform a rigorous inspection on all our digital projects to ensure proper functionality.

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Here to help

Common questions asked by home service companies.

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As you may be aware, SEO stands for search engine optimization. But what does that mean in practice? In short, it is the process of enhancing a website or a piece of content to increase the number and quality of visitors that come through a search engine’s organic results. The phrase “organic traffic” refers to traffic that is created without the use of pay-per-click or other sponsored methods.

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It is a common and frustrating situation with marketing, you spend money on advertising, but it’s unproductive and generates low-quality leads. The advantages of SEO are self-evident: month after month, free, passive traffic to your WordPress website.

Users trust search engines. As a result, customers are relying on the internet for answers to their problems. In a competitive market, you must determine who your target customers are and what services they are likely to seek. This will allow you to rank for keywords and key phrases that are relevant to the search intent of your target audience. When you have a high ranking in search engine results it demonstrates to searchers that your site is a trustworthy website. 

With more visitors viewing your website, you have the opportunity to display the industry knowledge, your experience, and the services you provide to a larger target audience. 

When done correctly, SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques you can use to boost your online visibility. This is why our WordPress SEO experts at ANIMOV Digital work diligently to remain at peak performance.

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The process of optimizing a WordPress website is similar to that of optimizing any other website. The same essential components of SEO are most significant, such as conducting keyword research, increasing site speed, generating high-quality content, and so on.

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Our WordPress SEO Experts will examine your website and develop an actionable plan. We’ll offer you an estimate on how long it will take to move your website up the search engine rankings under your custom SEO strategy. The length of time SEO takes is determined by a variety of factors, including the age of your website, previous SEO efforts, and, ultimately, your goals. In addition, to move up numerous pages on Google often takes longer than moving up one, two, or even a few spots. Call us and we’ll put together a clear plan of action to optimize your WordPress SEO efforts.


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